Although I don't walk around carrying a bicycle seat and wearing funny tights, I consider myself an avid cyclist. A lot of my biking is done out of necessity, but I like recreational cycling as well. I don't own a car, so in the winter I walk or bus wherever I need to go, and in the non-winter months I bike. I find it's cheap, good exercise, and a whole lot of fun.

For the last few summers I participated in the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, a bike trip from Ottawa to Kingston and back in two days with a round-trip distance of over 350 kilometers, with the Ottawa Bicycle Club.

My bike isn't very fancy, but it's versatile and gets me to where I wanna go. I used to own a Specialized Crossroads Elite until it got stolen on 2004-06-25. Now I own an Eclipse (in-house Pecco's brand).

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