Rules for n-In-A-Row!

n-In-A-Row! is a very simple game based on Hasbro's Connect Four®. It is a two-player game in which one player is designated `Red' and the other is designated `Blue'. Each player has a stack of chips of his/her colour. A 7x6 board is placed between the two players, propped up vertically. It has seven slots at the top of it, one slot for each column. When a game chip is dropped into one of these slots, it slides down until it either rests at the bottom of the board or on top of another chip. The two players take turns dropping a chip into a slot of their choice. The first player to connect four of his/her colour in a row is the winner. This connection can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, but it must lie in a straight line and must be connected.

In this computerized version of the game, a human (red) plays a computer opponent (blue). Several parameters can be controlled, including the dimensions of the board, the number of pieces required in a row to win, and the skill level of the computer.